Teaching in the ¡Adelante! Program

VOTU¡Adelante! is a comprehensive academic program that supports the success of students interested in Latina/o issues at John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY. Through class work, service learning and service opportunities, career exploration and leadership training workshops, students will be given the knowledge, skills, and experiences that prepare them for a successful career or graduate coursework. All ¡Adelante! students build electronic portfolios that documents their academic and professional achievements, ready to be used for applying to special opportunities. In the first year, students enroll in an ¡Adelante! Learning Community (Latin American and Latina/o Studies 100 and English 101) and continue in English 201 with their ¡Adelante! cohort. In sophomore and junior years, students receive priority notice on General Education and Major courses that connect them with faculty and coursework while exploring Latina/o issues.

The pages reflect on the projects and social justice causes that students explore as well as my own teaching reflections and politics.