2005-2011 Research Articles

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Kynard, Carmen. “ ‘This the ConscienceRebel’: Class Solidarity, Congregational Capital, and Discourse as Activism in the Writing of Black Female College Students.” Teaching Education 22.3 (September 2011): 217-238.

Reynolds, Ericka (first-year undergraduate student) and Carmen Kynard.   “Write a Timeless Message Across the Sky”: Tracing Congregational Cultural Capital From Stolen Word to Spoken Word.” Enculturation (spring 2011).

Kynard, Carmen.  “From Candy Girls to Cyber Sista-Cipher:  Narrating Black Females’ Color-Consciousness and Counterstories In and Out of School.”  Harvard Educational Review 80.1 (Spring 2010): 30-52.

Kynard, Carmen and Eddy, Robert.  “Toward a New Critical Framework: Color-Conscious Political Morality and Pedagogy at Historically Black and Historically White Colleges and Universities.” College Composition and Communication 61.1 (September 2009): W24-W44.

  • Reprinted and expanded in A Language and Power Reader: Representations of Race in a Post-Racist Era. Eds. Victor Villanueva and Robert Eddy (Utah State University Press), 2014.

Kynard, Carmen.  “ ‘The Blues Playingest Dog You Ever Heard of’:  (Re)positioning Literacy Research Through African American Blues Rhetorics.” Reading Research Quarterly 43.4 (October 2008): 356-373.

Kynard, Carmen.   “Writing While Black: The Colour Line, Black Discourses, and Assessment in the Institutionalization of Writing Instruction.” English Teaching: Practice and Critique 7. 2 (September 2008): 4-34.

Kynard, Carmen. “’Wanted: Some Black Long Distance [Writers]’: Blackboard Flava-Flavin and Other Afro-Digitized Experiences in the Classroom.” Computers and Composition 24.3 (September 2007): 329-345.

Kynard, Carmen. “ ‘I Want To Be African’: In Search of a Black Radical Tradition/African-American-Vernacularized Paradigm for ‘Students’ Rights to Their Own Language,’ Critical Literacy, and ‘Class Politics.’ ” College English 69.4 (March 2007): 356-386.

  • Reprinted in Students’ Right to Their Own Language: A Critical Sourcebook.  Eds. Staci Perryman-Clark, David Kirkland, and Alan Jackson (NCTE), 2014.

Dickson, Randi and Peter Smagorinsky with Jonathon Bush, Leila Christenbury, Bobby Cummings, Marshall George, Peg Graham, Pamela Hartman, Carmen Kynard, Hephzibah Roskelly, Susan Steffel, Ruth Vinz, and Susan Weinstein.  “Are Methods Enough? Situating English Education Programs Within the Multiple Settings of Learning to Teach.”  English Education 38.4 (July 2006): 312-328.

Kynard, Carmen. “ ‘Yall Are Killin’ Me Up In Here’: Response Theory from a Newjack Comp Instructor/Sistuhgirl Meeting Her Students on the Page.” Teaching English at the Two-Year College 33.4 (May 2006): 361-387.

Kynard, Carmen. “ ‘Looking for the Perfect Beat’: The Power of Black Student Protest Rhetorics for Academic Literacy and Higher Education.” Changing English: Studies in Culture and Education 12.3 (December 2005): 387-402.