4) Sacred-Secular Continuum: Young Gattas vs Chayna Ashley

Please watch the first 15 minutes of the “DO or DIE” event at Queen of the Ring (QOTR) in October 2013: Young Gattas vs Chayna Ashley where Young Gattas made her debut against Chayna Ashley, known as “bar heavy C-Ash.” This video departs from the previous videos because we see two rhetors in conversation with one another rather than one rhetor in conversation with an audience.  Nevertheless, each rhetor is communicating with and representing her crew also.

While you are viewing (and after you have finished viewing), please complete the handout provided.  Please also make a note of the video’s time stamp for any specific expression that you comment about.

If you would like to watch the entire battle, you will have to do so on your own.  Unfortunately, you only have 15 minutes in class (you can start at about 4:30 if you want to skip the opening commentary). Watch the rest on your own to see who becomes the QOTR!