Soul Children 2.0: Reflections of an AfroDigital Writing Teacher

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queen_latifah-mama_gave_birth_to_the_soul_children“And if you’re wondering why I got kids so big/ They weren’t born from the body, they were born from the soul”  ~Queen Latifah

These are nine, circular stories—from 2.1 to 2.9— that I am using to imagine what a movement towards 3.0 technologies (like personalization or semantic webbing) might mean, do, and look like for ethnically, linguistically, and racially marginalized communities and classrooms.  Click here for a visual guide to the nine narratives.

The order of these nine narratives is not chronological. My numbering here is more of a wordplay and an inquiry than a numeric ordering.   Obviously, I am playing with the notion of web 2.0 technologies (though I understand the critiques of this terminology and the questioning of whether or not our 2.0 experiences have truly diverged from circa-1999 technological experiences).

Each of these nine narratives tells a story, NOT for the purpose of storytelling but for the purpose of theory-telling.  Each narrative is grounded from who I call Soul Children 2.0 and the lesson(s) that I have learned from them.

I am trying to learn something about digital cultures and about teaching in digital cultures with urban youth of color, with the hopes that there is room here for you all to do the same. This will not be a pre-performed, pre-rehearsed performance but a set of narratives that invite you to look at my teaching and to also look at your own at the same time.