2) “A Fox Be Just a Fox. That Aine So Scary”: Telling Stories AfroDigitally

Flossie iiIn the story, Flossie and the Fox, Big Mama tells Flossie to watch out for that fox, all while assuring Flossie that she can handle him.  Here’s what Flossie learns and how she tells is: “A Fox Be Just a Fox. That Aine So Scary.”  That will be our model for AfroDigital Storytelling.  We live in a world that would suggest technology and education, the new fox, is beyond us or more than we can handle.  But we have elders and intellectual traditions, like Big Mama, that let us know that fox ain’t never been too much to handle or even a complex entity.  We already know all about THAT fox!  Like Flossie, we will craft our stories forward and get ourselves out and into the community that we must serve.

In this second part of our workshop, we are going to take our stories and begin crafting them as AfroDigital Storytelling.

Preparations Before We Meet:

Please make sure that you have images.  These should be images that you do not mind the general public viewing.   We will spend time storyboarding and planning our digital story.  To find other images,  go to Creative Commons: http://search.creativecommons.org.

Please also have at least one song loaded onto your desktop that you can readily access.  A live performance from youtube would be best.  Make sure you make a note of the URL.  To convert a live youtube performance to mp3, simply go to vidtomp3.com and type in the URL for the youtube video.  The website will do the rest for you.  Simply follow the directions there.

What You Can Expect When We Are Together:

Flossie iiiYou will need to make some decisions at this point in the workshop if you have not done so already.

  1. Will you make a digital booklet?  These will be uploaded to slideshare and/or youtube so that they can be embedded across multiple platforms.
  2. Will you do digital storytelling?  These will be uploaded to youtube so that they can be embedded across multiple platforms.  This model means that you will add voice recording.  If you are interested in this second option, please make sure that you have downloaded Audacity to your computer before the workshop.   Audacity will also allow you to record your voice over music  (you might even want to make a mash-up of various songs and sounds instead of using just one song).  There are also apps for this. Please see the tech resources pages that have been created for you.

There are many models of digital booklets and digital storytellings (hover to the right of this page— samples will be collected there).