3) “It’s All Over for [the Fox]”: Launching AfroDigital Stories, Launching the Next 25 Years

These will be our last hours together so we will do our best to be like Keith Sweat and make it last forever!

FlossieLet’s take it back to Flossie now.

At the end of story, Flossie has outsmarted and out-foxxed the fox, arriving safely at her destination.  She fulfills the task that Big Mama has set for her.   She also shows herself to be a vital member of her community by helping take care of the family where she is making her special food delivery.

Besides fulfilling her task, we see Flossie as an exemplary wordsmith, spirit, and intellectual. She lets you know that she knew EXACTLY what she was doing all along.  She even lets that fox know that it is ALL OVUH FOR HIM!  She is absolutely her Big Mama’s child: she knows that fox better than he even knows hisself!

We have two tasks now to round out our time under Flossie’s inspiration:

  1. We need to finish our digital stories and launch them.
  2. We need to plan for ways we will share these stories and let them breathe digitally.