AfroDigital Storytelling: Flossie and the Fox as Process and Model

Flossie-and-the-Fox-9780803702509This process works in three parts and is designed for writers who want to craft themselves as AfroDigital Storytellers. This is a series of interactive, collaborative, hands-on sessions where we draw from the knowledge and experiences amongst.

This process takes its inspiration from a most wonderful story called Flossie and the Fox written by Patricia McKissack.

This particular orature was told to McKissack as a child on her grandparents’ front porch swing where a little girl must help her community despite the threat of a fox.   While the story might sound like Little Red Riding Hood, this story completely destroys everything about Little Red and white notions of femininity, masculinity, helplessness, community, and social responsibility… it’s the power of the Word.  Our Word.  So we will be following Flossie’s lead, a story that a wise black grandfather created for us.