AfroDigital Consciousness (ADC) & Storytelling

Header Slider #1 smallAfroDigital Consciousness (ADC) is a term coined by the delegates of the 2013 Black Education Congress on October 11, 2013.  That term now organizes this section of the website.

AfroDigital Consciousness (ADC) at the Black Education Congress: At the 2013 Black Education Congress (ABEC), a group of delegates coined the term AfroDigital Consciousness. In our short time together, we discussed the role of AfroDigital Culture for Resistance, Resilience, and Black Education. We are often hopelessly cast aside as outside of technological skill and innovation though our movements and images are appropriated in and on every media platform that has ever existed.  In this session, we refuse to believe that hype and instead ask ourselves different questions.

SankofaSoul Children 2.0: Reflections of an AfroDigital Writing Teacher: These are nine, circular stories—from 2.1 to 2.9— that I am using to imagine what a movement towards 3.0 technologies (like personalization or semantic webbing) might mean, do, and look like for ethnically, linguistically, and racially marginalized communities and classrooms. The order of these nine narratives is not chronological. My numbering here is more of a wordplay and an inquiry than a numeric ordering.   Obviously, I am playing with the notion of web 2.0 technologies (though I understand the critiques of this terminology and the questioning of whether or not our 2.0 experiences have truly diverged from circa-1999 technological experiences). Each of these nine narratives tells a story, NOT for the purpose of storytelling but for the purpose of theory-telling.  Each narrative is grounded from who I call Soul Children 2.0 and the lesson(s) that I have learned from them.

AfroDigital Storytelling: Flossie and the Fox as Process and Model: This section of the website houses a three-part process for writers who want to craft themselves as AfroDigital Storytellers. This is a series of interactive, collaborative, hands-on sessions where we draw from our own knowledge and experiences.