2002-2009 Book Chapters & Other Publications

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Kynard, Carmen. Foreword. tor’cha by Todd Craig.  New York: Swank Books, 2009.

Kynard, Carmen. “A Teacher’s Open Letter to Her Daughter.” Plymouth Writers Group Literary Anthology of Teachers’ Writings Volume 9 (Fall 2004): 70-75.  Reprinted in Life in Classrooms: Teachers Write about Teaching and Learning.  Plymouth, NH: The Plymouth Writers Group, 2006. 110-114.

Kynard, Carmen. “ ‘Getting On The Right Side of It’: Problematizing and Rethinking the Research Paper  Genre in the College Composition Course.” Genre Across the Curriculum.  Eds. Anne Herrington and Charles Moran.  Logan, Utah: Utah University Press, 2005. 128-151.

Kynard, Carmen. “ ‘Trying to Bend The Tree When It Is Already Grown’: Spanning the Spectrum of African Diaspora Englishes in the Writing Classroom.” Teaching English Today: Advocating Change in the Secondary Curriculum. Eds. Barrie R. C. Barell, Roberta Hammett, John S. Mayher, and Gordon M. Pradl.  New York: Teachers College Press, 2004. 92-105.

Kynard, Carmen. “ ‘New Life in This Dormant Creature’: Notes on Social Consciousness, Language, and Learning in a College Classroom.”  Alt Dis: Alternative Discourses and the Academy.  Eds. Christopher Shroeder, Helen Fox, and Patricia Bizzell.  NH: Heinemann, 2002. 31-44.